Armour Stone
Retaining Walls

If you have a home or commercial property that is on a grade or incline, armour stone retaining walls are an effective and aesthetically pleasing means of reinforcement. 

Prevent Erosion & Damage to Property

Retaining walls are vital to prevent erosion and damage to property. They don’t have to be purely functional, however. Armour stone retaining walls not only reinforce the integrity of your property, they look great and add an aesthetic quality that can increase your property value. While there are several options when it comes to materials for retaining walls, we have found that armour stone retaining walls offer the best combination of a pleasing appearance and long-term durability.

Whereas wood retaining walls have less durability and concrete can look too bland or industrial, armour stone retaining walls are truly the best of both worlds. We’ll work with you to assess your property’s needs, choose the best materials for your retaining wall, and provide a free, fair quote. Then we’ll get to work on designing and installing your new armour stone retaining wall.

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Armour Stone Retaining Walls: Aesthetics & Reinforcement

When you hire us to install a new, armour stone retaining wall in Brock or Durham Region, you’re getting the experience and insight of a professional landscape construction team. Our attention to detail helps ensure a thorough installation of your new armour stone retaining wall that will be pleasing to the eye and will hold up well for years to come. To find out more and get started, contact us today. 

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