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Designing & Installing Septic Systems for Home & Business

If you own a farm or an acreage in Brock, Durham Region and surrounding communities, there’s a good chance your property is not on a municipal water & sewer system but rather utilizes a septic system. Whether you are replacing the septic system for your home or business, or you are installing a septic system for a new commercial property or residential development, make sure you hire the septic system pros for a job well done.

At Brock Excavation, we have several years of experience designing and installing septic systems for both homes and businesses alike. Our knowledge of proper septic system design and experience with thorough septic installation translates to a system you can count on for years to come.

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What might prompt the need to replace a septic system? Looks for signs that include sewage backup (e.g. in toilets, sinks, showers, etc.); unpleasant odours in or around the home; puddling in yard; and a “better” patch of grass around your septic tank. If you’ve noticed any or all of these, there’s a decent chance you need a new septic system. We’ll visit your home or commercial property, assess the state of your septic system and let you know whether we can repair the current system (always our first goal) or if in fact it’s time for a new septic system. Then, if the latter is called for, we’ll get to work designing and installing your new septic system, making sure all is good to go so that you’re hassle-free for years to come.

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