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We are experienced septic tank system design & installation contractors in York and Durham Regions, Kawartha Lakes, and Simcoe County. 

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If you own a farm or an acreage in York and Durham Regions, Kawartha Lakes, and Simcoe County and surrounding communities, there’s a good chance your property is not on a municipal water & sewer system but rather utilizes a septic system. Whether you require septic design & installation or replacement of septic systems for your home or business or for a new commercial property or residential development, make sure you hire the septic system pros for a job well done. We’ll ensure your septic pit and septic tank  are running perfectly

At Brock Excavation, we have several years of experience designing and installing septic systems for both homes and businesses alike. Our knowledge of proper septic system design and experience with thorough septic installation translates to a system you can count on for years to come.



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What might prompt the need to replace a septic system? Look for the following signs that include:

  • Sewage backup (e.g. in toilets, sinks, showers, etc.)
  • Unpleasant odours in or around the home
  • Puddling in yard; and a “better” patch of grass around your septic tank.

If you’ve noticed any or all of these, there’s a decent chance you need a new septic system. We’ll visit your home or commercial property, assess the state of your septic system and let you know whether we can repair the current system (always our first goal) or if in fact it’s time for a new septic system.

Then, if the latter is called for, we’ll get to work designing and installing your new septic system, making sure all is good to go so that you’re hassle-free for years to come.

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Frequestly Asked

Septic design is a complex process that requires careful consideration of several critical factors to ensure efficiency and compliance with regulations.

Brock Excavation first pays special attention to local environmental and building codes, as these dictate specific requirements for septic systems in your region.

Next we look at the native soil profile of your property. Soil is a major factor since it affects the rate of water absorption and drainage which is crucial for septic system functionality. We also analyze factors like the site’s elevation and the water table depth. These will influence the system’s placement, configuration, and type so as to avoid contamination of groundwater.

Finally, the size of your property and its layout will affect where we can place the septic tank and drain field. We also consider the expected wastewater load, or daily flow. We estimate this based on factors like soiree footage of the home, number of bedrooms, and most water-using fixtures like toilets or laundry machines. This helps us to determine the appropriate size and type of septic system that we need to install.

At Brock Excavation Our goal is to design a system that is not only compliant with regulations in the Durham region but is also tailored to your property’s unique characteristics and that will yield many trouble-free years.

Determining the best septic system for your property involves a detailed on-site evaluation. Before we begin your septic system design and installation, Brock Excavation conducts a thorough assessment of your property.

This inspection includes a percolation test (perc test) to measure the absorption rate of soil for septic system drain fields. This test will provide data on how quickly the soil can filter and dispose of the effluent.

We also assess the topography, vegetation, and current land use, which influence the choice of system.

Based on these findings, our team will recommend a septic system type that will work most efficiently for your property. This analysis and planning will ensure long-term reliability of your new septic system and also ensure adherence to environmental standards.

Brock Excavation fully manages the permitting process for septic system installations. We are familiar with local health and environmental regulations in the Durham region and surrounding areas.

Our team will prepare and submit all necessary documentation on your behalf, ensuring that your new septic system is in full compliance with local, and provincial regulations.

We will also coordinate with the relevant authorities to facilitate inspections and approvals, making the process as hassle free as possible for you.

Septic system installation timeline for a new residential septic system typically spans about one week. However, this time frame can change depending on several variables.

Weather conditions can play a role in the time it takes to install a new septic system. For example, heavy rain can delay the process of digging and backfilling. Additionally, the specific soil conditions of your property and complexity of the septic system design can also extend the timeframe.

At Brock Excavation we use efficient project management techniques to ensure that installation is carried out promptly and to the highest standards of quality. Our experienced team works diligently to meet the projected timelines while keeping you informed of progress throughout the entire process.

After the installation of a septic system there is usually some landscaping work that will need to be done to restore your property’s appearance. The extent of the landscaping depends on the overall disruption caused by the septic system installation process. We make every effort to minimize the impact on your land.

Some things we consider are the strategic placement of machinery during the excavation to preserve as much of the existing landscape as possible.

However there are often some remediation will typically be required, such as reseeding grass or replanting shrubs that might have been removed.
If needed, connect you with professional landscapers who can help return your property to its desired state.

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